Awks! We’ve All Been Mispronouncing Adidas Apparently

Here's how you actually say it.


Adi-Das or Ahh-Dee-Das. Which is it?

It’s a debate that’s been long raging and when it comes to deciding which one is right, there seems to be a 50/50 split among even the most staunch fitness wear fans.

Thankfully (praise be!) someone has given us an answer to one of life’s biggest mysteries and now we can all rest easy.

Are you ready? Yes? Okay, good.

According to The Today Show (who’ve just published a handy guide on how to pronounce heaps of other brand names, FYI) the correct pronunciation is Ah-DEE-Das.

Say it with us now: Ah. Dee. Das.

Great, now that that’s settled we can all move on with our lives.


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