Aww! Liam Payne Has Opened Up About Fatherhood For The First Time And It’s Pretty Damn Adorable

He's missing his little one while he's in LA apparently.

Aside from Liam posting a meme about nappy changing to Twitter and Cheryl changing her bio to read “Living in a love bubble” we haven’t heard too much about how the couple are doing as parents.

However, Liam has reportedly opened up about how he’s finding fatherhood for the first time, and it’s oh-so super sweet.

The One Direction star apparently told a fan during a night out in LA that he’s missing his little one, while he’s away from home.

“He’s great, he’s good. I love him and I miss him a lot,” he’s reported as saying.

Another fan reports that Liam added the little boy is doing very well and that he misses him very much.

Neither Cheryl or Liam are yet to share an official pic of their little bundle of joy, and according to sources close to them, we shouldn’t expect a snap of him anytime soon.

“They’ve always been a very private couple,” a source told The Mirror. “And they want their son to remain private as well. They don’t want him to be in the spotlight at all. They want him to grow up away from the cameras.”

Basically, the new family are happy out living in their little love bubble, and they’ll probably be keeping it that way for some time to come.

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