Aww! Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Admit Doing *This* Super Sweet Thing As A Couple

They're so loved up.

Selena Gomez and the Weeknd have been dating since January of this year, and they seem to be getting closer and falling more in love by the day.

Earlier this month it was reported that they’d moved in together, and it’s believed he rescheduled his tour to be with Selena during her recent kidney transplant.

Another thing that proves how close they are is their sharing of each other’s clothes. Speaking to Vogue, the Bad Liar singer said, “At this point, my boyfriend and I share closets. We’re just kind of throwing different ideas around. Sometimes, I’ll throw on his Puma stuff and just go out with my shoes. I’ll just wear that as a little cute date-night dress or something to the movies.

“You want to feel confident in it,” she added, “When you start stressing about it and feel you have to create this image, you shouldn’t feel that way.”

Then, when asked what pieces they share the most, she answered, “Hoodies. Staple hoodies.”

Would you swap clothes with your boyfriend like that?

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