Backstage At The VIP Style Awards With Aoibhinn McGinnity, On Breaking America & New Love/Hate

Aoibhinn McGinnity's one of the Most Stylish Woman nominees at tonight's VIP Style Awards - we caught up with her ahead of time to talk tits, tanning and reviving Love/Hate.

Aoibhinn McGinnity backstage at the VIP style awardsHappily ensconced in the Lancome make-up chair in deep, deep preparation for tonight’s Peter Mark VIP Style Awards, Aoibhinn McGinnity looks like she’s just hopped off a plane from Marbs. #glowing

She is off a plane all right, but from the US, not the south of Spain. “I’m just back from the States and I’m going back shortly – I’ve signed with an agent and manager over there, so I’m going back to figure some things out with them,” she says.

What’s that like – is America really all teeth, tan and tits? “You know, it’s not that different,” she reveals. “I was kind of put off going for ages, thinking it’d be really hardcore, but it’s not as scary. They’re normal, nice people. We’ll see what comes of it.”

If she’s not just back from Marbs, where’s this gorgeous glow from?

“It’s 100 percent natural, all the way from Dundrum,” she laughs. “I got it done by Michelle Burke, and my nails. She just opened a new salon, she’s brilliant.”

Aoibhinn’s nominated for Most Stylish Woman, but doesn’t seem overly confident. “Do I have my speech prepared?! No!” She cites Roz Purcell – “her suits are incredible” – and Daniella Moyles – “she always looks amazing” – as two of her faves. As for Most Stylish Man? “I want Marty Morrissey to win!”

Aoibhinn’s at tonight’s awards with her mum, who came with her last year, “and loved it” and, she says, they’re out for the night. “Last year we were going to do the good thing and go home, but we got sucked in and ended up in Coppers. It was great craic!”

The duo will be wearing blue (“I hope we don’t clash!”), with Aoibhinn in a jumpsuit by Irish designer Marion Murphy Cooney. “I always try to go with what I like wearing, but with everything, you’re thinking about what people will think… It’s just an excuse to get dressed up and go out with my mummy.”

But a jumpsuit, Aoibhinn? What about the loo?! “The bathroom was an afterthought that gave me a mild panic atack, but I’ve committed to it now!” she declares. “I guess I’ll just not drink…”

For make-up, Aoibhinn’s requested “bronze, soft make-up” and as for hair, “soft curls” – all very Grecian, which we reckon is gonna suit that jumpsuit down to the ground.

What about Love/Hate? Will it make it back for another season? “I don’t know!” says Aoibhinn (but her eyes are closed for make-up application so we can’t quite read the truth in ’em). “I don’t know if I’d like it to, to be honest. If it was to come back, it’d need to be done very, very well. If it doesn’t, it’ll be for the right reasons. And y’know, if it does come back, it’ll be for the right reasons too – I’ve no doubt that it will be done very well.”