Barbie Vs Bratz: The Battle Of The Dolls Is Coming To Our Screens Soon

Are you ready for it?

Barbie is all anyone has been thinking about for the last number of months and was hands down the film of the Summer (sorry Oppenheimer). But how are we moving forward now that the movie and all of its promo are in the rear view mirror? It seems we’re looking towards a Barbie Vs Bratz TV series next.

The brand new series will be based on the Orly Nobel book, You Don’t Own Me: How Mattel V MGA Entertainment Exposed Barbie’s Dark Side. It will explore the parallel journeys of and resulting rivalry between Barbie inventor Ruth Handler and Bratz creator Carter Bryant.


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According to Deadline, the series “explores the dark side of the doll wars set against the cultural revolution that Barbie spawned, the subsequent backlash, and the cut-throat, high-stakes world of toys”.

The invention of the Bratz doll in 2001, which made for a decade long court battle with Mattel (Barbie) and MGA Entertainment (Bratz), will also be looked at in You Don’t Own Me.


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Carter Bryant, founder of Bratz, was a former employee of Barbie’s Mattel and is believed to have created the first sketches of a Bratz doll while still working at the competing company.

And Just Like That… the battle continues….

Note: The series was acquired by CBS Studios prior to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes began.