Be Still Our Beating Hearts! There’s A THIRD Hemsworth Brother!

Prepare to get gooey-eyed over Chris and Liam's older sibling.

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Chris and Liam Hemsworth need little introduction. One is famous for playing Thor, while the other is arguably best known for being engaged to Miley Cyrus.

Now though, there’s a third Hemsworth brother on our radar and we’re predicting that you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him soon.

See, like his younger brothers Chris and Liam, Luke Hemsworth is also an actor, and he’s just landed his first major role as Stubbs in HBO series Westworld.

Premiere Of HBO's "Westworld" - Arrivals

So what do we know about Luke, then?

Well despite being pretty self-deprecating (he told the New York Post that he’s the “short, dumb brother” in an interview last year) he’s also super charming, has a LOL-worthy Instagram account and is unsurprisingly gorgeous.

Oh, and he’s also married. Soz, single gals.

In fact, he’s forever sharing the cutest pics of him and his wife, Samantha and their kids.


I’m hungry you like Thai? Tie good , you like shirt?

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

Yep suck it up princess. The iron temple is a cruel mistress.. That’s what my daughter said to me this morning

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

The neighbors said they heard a lady scream… Nope that was me. I skate Like a new born giraffe On all fours

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

He also occasionally wear outfits like this…


And pulls silly faces like this…

“We’ve lost the bleeps the creeps and shweeps sir..”

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on

I feel ….. Like we’re being watched

A photo posted by hemsworthluke (@hemsworthluke) on


To conclude, Luke Hemsworth is bae <3


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