Beauty In Blood: This Woman Turned Her Period Blood Into Art

Denver-based artist Jen Lewis created a serious of paintings with her menstrual blood to reframe the way we think about our periods.


You’ve probably thought a lot of things about your period over the years; It’s annoying, it’s painful, it’s gross. But have you ever thought of it as beautiful?

Well, Denver-based artist Jen Lewis made it her mission to make periods beautiful by turning her monthly flow into a series of paintings entitled ‘Beauty In Blood’.

In an email to Huffington Post she explains the motivation behind the project:

“The catalyst for the creation of ‘Beauty in Blood’ was actually when I switched from tampons and pads to a menstrual cup at the recommendation of my physician. The cup is a much more ‘hands-on’ approach to menstruation management so my relationship with my body began changing immediately following the first use. One day, when I had some blood on my fingers after emptying my cup, I started to wonder about why society framed up menstruation as something disgusting.”

Jen explains that to create the art she would “pour the blood into an empty toilet bowl to emphasis the abstract elements.”

The paintings are due to be shown at a reproductive health conference in June.

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