Being Sued: Kylie Jenner’s Landed Herself In A Whole Lot Of Legal Hot Water AGAIN

The 'lip bite' image being used in The Life Of Kylie promotion was created first by Sara Pope.

Kylie Jenner has landed herself in trouble *again* as a successful painter has accused her of stealing her original ‘lip bite’ design to promote her new reality show.

The promo for The Life Of Kylie features the image of a pair of neon lips, the bottom of which is being bitten, and painter Sara Pope said it’s almost identical to her original creation from 2015.

The only difference is that Sara’s painting featured red lips, while Kylie’s promo lips are pink.

This isn’t the first time the 19-year-old’s promotional imagery has come under fire, as last Christmas she shared a photo on Instagram that looked exactly like that of LA make-up artist, Vlada Haggerty.

On the left is Vlada’s original photo in which a woman wears dark red lipstick and covers her eyes with gold-painted fingers. Kylie’s version is on the right and, well, you can see the similarities for yourself.

Sources close to Kylie later told TMZ that the design in question was actually created by a third party, and that the make-up mogul had nothing to do with the process.

Do you think Kylie should be penalised for using Sara’s design?

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