Bet You Never Spotted This Glaring Mistake In Clueless That Gave Cher A Brand New Name

Cher Horowitz? Apparently not, as it turns out

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This month marks 21 years since Clueless was first released, and we bet you feel pretty old right now.

It may have been around for two decades (and then some), but the film is one we can still quote start-to-finish. Plus, given the SS16/AW16 trends for all things satin, most high street shoppers are channelling Cher Horowitz in a big way this year. But even if you’re a die-hard Clueless fan, you’ve probably never noticed the major continuity error that gives Ms. Horowitz an entirely new name, as reported by the folks over at Self.

In the scene where Cher’s dad calls her up on her school report card, the camera zooms in on the report, where Cher’s name is clearly printed.

Watch here:

So far, so good, except for one thing: the card says Cher Hamilton, not Cher Horowitz.

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To make things even more confusing, one fan on IMDB spotted that when Cher’s dad Mel throws the envelope the report came in aside, his surname is also clearly listed on it as Hamilton.

Most likely the Horowitz clan were named the Hamiltons in an earlier draft of the script, and either the scene was films before the name change, or the props person neglected to change the report card to reflect the new family name. Whatever the problem was, it’s basically given us an excuse to rewatch Clueless this week, so we’re not complaining.


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