Beyoncé And Meghan Markle Chatted About Baby Archie At The Lion King Premiere Last Night

Beyoncé reportedly called her 'my princess'. CUTE.


Beyoncé and the Duchess of Sussex finally got the chance to meet last night during the premiere of the new Lion King movie in London.

In a video shot by Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English, the pair can be seen warmly hugging as if they’ve known each other for a million years:

Prince Harry and Jay Z were there too, of course, but you know… we’re all about the two top gals here.

While they haven’t met before, Bey and Jay previously paid tribute to Meghan while accepting their BRIT Award for Best International Group earlier this year, posing with their trophy in front of a portrait of the Duchess in tiara and jewels.

So what did they chat about last night? Well, according to English, baby talk was high on the agenda.

Beyoncé reportedly congratulated Meghan on the birth of little Archie, saying: “The baby, so beautiful. We love you guys.”

Meghan and Harry responded asking after the Carter twins, Rumi and Sir, who Beyoncé said didn’t get to come this time: “They don’t come on every trip. We left them at home. They would have loved to have been here.”

Jay Z then came straight in to offer the new parents some words of wisdom:

The best advice I can give you, always find time for yourself.

Fans who are adept at lip-reading say that it *looks like* Beyoncé greeted Meghan by saying ‘My princess’, which would be AMAZING if true.

We can only assume Meghan and Bey swapped numbers after the film and have been WhatsApping ever since. Let us have our dreams.


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