Beyoncé Fans Are Coming For Tamera Mowry For Saying She Once Flirted With Jay-Z


Tamera Mowry of Tia and Tamera is getting attacked on social media for saying she once flirted with Jay-Z.

During an appearance on The Real this week, Tamera recalled meeting Jay-Z and falling for his charm.

“I actually met Jay-Z in person, and he wasn’t with Beyoncé at the time and I wasn’t dating anybody and when I met him, you do get like, hit with the charm. I found myself strangely asking for gum,” Tamera said.

“I swear, my sister and were at a premiere of Nutty Professor and he walked by and I was like ‘Oh my God, that’s Jay-Z’ and I was like ‘Could I have some gum?’ And he gave me some gum.” Romantic.

Even co-host Loni Love was shook by the revelation, before Tamera made clear Jay and Bey weren’t together at the time.

Despite the clarification, Beyoncé stans are going OFF in the comment section of Tamera’s Instagram.

We’d say Tamera regrets ever going there anyway..


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