Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Crashed The Topshop Site Today And People Couldn’t Cope

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Beyoncé’s Ivy Park activewear range finally launched online and in stores this morning, and – to no-one’s surprise – it was a complete hit.

All those printed bra tops… SWOON.

So high was the demand, in fact, that Topshop’s online servers crashed, both in the US and Europe. Oops.

People were pretty darned excited to get their hands on the range, which runs in price from €12 for an Ivy Park headband up to €225 for a catsuit-style colour-block body.

But many customers were left with full online shopping carts – and no way to pay. Oops.

The problem wasn’t just restricted to Topshop, but to other sites where the range is available elsewhere in the world:

Luckily the sites seem to be back up and running now, so check out some of our top picks in the gallery above, and then go forth and spend all your rent money.*

*Er, maybe not ALL of it.