Billie Eilish Clarifies Her Alleged Drama With Cardi B At The Met

Inside their private DMs.

After the Met Gala, a video of Billie Eilish having an *interesting* reaction to Cardi B performing went viral, which caused rumours of a feud to swirl.

In the out of context clip Cardi B is seen popping off with a mic in hand having a ball, while Billie watches from below and says “so weird” to her friends.

Of course everyone thought it was Cardi she was talking about but the two music stars have clarified to the world they are good and there’s no beef to be had!


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Taking to Twitter, Cardi first said that everything was “drama free” at the Met and asked the haters, “Why do y’all wanna turn everything into mess?”

Then the rapper shared a screen recording of DMs between herself and billie where Billie sends a voice note saying, “Oh my God, I was so worried you were gonna see that. I was f*cking calling the people around you weird because everyone was f*cking coming around shoving their phones into your *ss…I was like, ‘Just look at her with your eyes!'”


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Cardi responded with, “The Internet is trying to divide us, they don’t understand that you’re my baby!”

We love that the pair were in contact immediately to make sure no lines were crossed, communication is key people! And although they didn’t owe anyone proof of their friendship, it was pretty cool to hear private voice notes from the pair!