Blake Lively Posted The Sweetest Instagram After (Finally!) Showing Us Her Family

She's one proud wife and mama.

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After two years of waiting, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds finally went public with their two young children, allowing them to be photographed in public.

The A-list couple have gone to extreme lengths to keep their kids out of the spotlight, and have never been photographed with them in public. They also held off close to a year before revealing their first daughter’s name to the public (it’s James, FYI), and have yet to reveal what their newborn daughter’s name is.

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Yesterday though, the couple stepped out on Hollywood Boulevard with their two kids in tow – in full view of cameras – to attend the unveiling of Ryan’s star on the Walk Of Fame… and Blake couldn’t have been prouder. “Proud is a pitiful word to describe how I felt today. @vancityreynolds The permanence of your impact is undeniable …Always has been, but now we have a fancy star to show for it,” she wrote on Instagram after the ceremony, posting a sweet picture of herself, Ryan and James standing on the star.

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How cute?!

“This is one of those ‘pinch me’ moments. But not in the creepy way my Aunt used to do it,” Ryan wrote on Instagram, posting a snap of himself and his star.

Speaking at the unveiling, Ryan made sure to give a huge shout-out to his wife of four years, telling the crowd she was “everything” to him. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make everything better. You make everything in my life better. You’ve given me two of the most incredible children I’ve ever hoped to have.”

Crying, us? Never.


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