Blame Your Birth Control: This Type Of Contraception Is The Worst For Giving You Bad Skin And Breakouts

When it comes to acne, not all contraceptives are created equal.

contraceptive pill

Hormones. They’re responsible for so many issues, be it mood swings, weight gain or – our biggest bugbear – acne.

Obviously, when hormonal acne flares up and over-the-counter treatments won’t clear it, our first port of call is to change our contraception.

But here’s the kicker: certain types of birth control can actually make your skin even worse.

Researchers of a new study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology studied over 2,000 female acne sufferers to pinpoint the worst acne-causing offenders.

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The ones that are more likely to flare up your acne instead of calming it down? Researchers found that subdermal implants, IUDs and injections caused the worst breakouts.

The study’s authors explain that it’s because these types of contraception include male hormones that are known for effing up your skin and triggering acne.

On the flip side, vaginal rings and the Pill were shown to be better at clearing problem skin, with some brands proving more effective than others.

In particular, the study concluded that pills like Yaz and Yasmin were the most effective.


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