Bless! Scarlett Moffatt’s Parents Just Did The Sweetest Thing With The Money She Gave Them To Pay Off Their Mortgage

Oh, you guys.

Scarlett Moffatt

She’s our favourite reality star on Channel 4’s Gogglebox and we recently found out a fact about Scarlett Moffatt that made us love her even more.

The Geordie lass took all her earnings from the show and subsequent DVD and book deals and gave the money to her mum and dad to pay off their mortgage.

Aww, super sweet, right?

Well, what Scar’s parents did with the cash she gave them might just be even more lovely.


Speaking to The Sun, her mum and dad revealed that instead of keeping the money for themselves they put it away in a cash ISA as a little nest egg for her.

“Well, she thinks she has paid off our mortgage. But it’s actually been put in an ISA for her,” they told the newspaper.

“We’re quite happy to work, we haven’t got a great deal left to pay off on our mortgage so Mark just put it in an ISA for her, so when it comes to her getting a house, she’ll have a head start.”

Seriously, how adorable is that? Nicest family ever.


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