Boo! Here’s How To Build The Best Boo Basket

Image via Pexels, Charles Parker

Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s time to get your spooky celebrations on!

We know it’s a holiday that has been capitalised on by large corporations to influence our spending. Sigh.

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Still, though we recognise the consumerism attached to trends like ‘Boo Baskets’, we can’t help but feel that sometimes you deserve a little treat– and there’s something so much cuter about a treat that comes in a basket!

For those of you blissfully unaware about Boo Baskets, they come from a TikTok trend where you fill a little basket of Halloween themed treats for your bestie or your boo. (Boo! Get it?)

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It doesn’t have to be extravagant – it could be hot chocolate and fluffy socks, a pumpkin to carve, or a little packet of spooky sweeties.

If do you feel like indulging in the Hallmark of it all this year, we’ve got some gorgeous bits to make up your Boo Basket.

Happy Halloween!

Scented Candle

Cinnamon Stick Yankee Candle Mini €4.90

Bath Bomb

Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb €6.50

Cosy Scarf

Mango Red Fringed Edge Scarf €22.99

Spooky Sweets

Walkers Monster Munch Giants Pickled Onion €2.49

Swizzles Spooky Chews €1.50

Spooky Spirits

Kraken X Craft Cocktails – The Kraken Treat Black Spiced €12.50

Halloween Mug

M&S Pumpkin Mug €8.25

Hot Chocolate

Clipper Super Cosy Drinking Chocolate €5.50

Fluffy Socks

Fat Face Fluffy Star Socks €4.00

Scary Book

The Fortunes Of Olivia Richmond by Louise Davidson