Book That City Break: 3 Incredible European Cities For Weekend Getaways

Passports, check!

Easter is on our doorsteps, with summer approaching soon after, and it seems like everyone is having the same idea – weekend breaks. Ever since the pandemic has eased (Dublin airport has never been quite so jam packed) it’s been all about getting back to travelling, and we have to agree with the sentiment – these next few months are going to be all about the city break. So, grab your carry on and your favourite person and book that flight – you deserve it! We’ve chosen three European cities that are perfect for a weekend getaway, and figured out where you should stay, the things you should see, and where you should eat. Bon voyage!




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There’s no place quite as cool as Berlin. The grungy city is known for its edgy atmosphere, with a pulsing nightlife and café culture. Best seen in sunnier weather, Berlin is the kind of place that makes you want to slow down and live in the moment, so prepare to lounge around soaking up the ‘vibe’ and admiring the colourful characters and surreal graffiti that litters the city. Have your camera at the ready!



While Mitte might seem to be the obvious choice (Mitte is literally the middle of the city, or the centre) we’d recommend heading to one of the neighbourhoods just outside the city centre, where you can really experience the local Berlin lifestyle and enjoy the alternative surroundings. Check out Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, or Friedrichshain – these areas are buzzing with young people, and have great bars and vintage shops to explore.




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The East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a must see when visiting Berlin – it’s a series of art pieces on the longest standing section of the Berlin Wall, and it’s seriously beautiful.


Brandenburg Gate 

Brandenburg gate is another historical spot, the impressive landmark signifying the separation between East and West Berlin. It’s also a gorgeous photo op!



Every Sunday, Mauerpark comes alive with a flea market, music and art. Why not pack a picnic and some beers and enjoy a slow day at the end of your trip, right in the heart of the buzz?


Eat? Here’s your itinerary!

Breakfast: Check out Silo for seriously yummy organic brekkie/brunch – the coffee is next level.

Lunch: Klub Kitchen is a perfect Berliner lunch spot. Fresh, tasty, über cool.

Dinner: Nyom in Friedrichshain, or Vamos in Kreuzberg. The first is Vietnamese food that tastes delicious and won’t hurt your pockets, the second is authentic Mexican food that just hits the spot.



Naples is one of the lesser raved about European cities, though we can’t understand why! Though parts of it may feel a little rough around the edges, it’s a city rich with culture. Like something out of an old romantic film, you’ll find people flying about on Vespas, the smell of pizza and pasta wafting through the air, and market stalls with passionate Italians tempting you to try their fresh produce. Be warned though – the city is built on a steep slope, and there are steps absolutely everywhere. Leave the heels at home!



Because Naples can be a little tricky to navigate at first, it’s best to pick somewhere central. Chaia is our firstmost suggestion, as it’s got a trendy, upscale vibe and great shopping, plus a reputation for being safe and friendly. Piazza Del Plebescito is another spot to check out, right in the heart of Naples, and a little quieter than other touristy areas.




Like something out of a postcard, Capri is a dreamy Island off Naples with a colourful village surrounded by cerulean water. You can take a boat tour around the coastline to see the blue grotto, and afterward head up to the village centre to take in the breathtaking views.


Museo Madre

A funky contemporary gallery nestled in one of the winding streets, check out Museo Madre for some impressive artworks.



Take a day trip to discover Pompeii, the city that was buried under volcanic ash when mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. It’s seriously mind blowing (pardon the pun).


Eat? Here’s your itinerary! 

Breakfast: Italian breakfast is sweet and snappy, so grab a sfogliatelle (local creamy pastry) and a coffee at one of the many stalls you encounter on your way!

Lunch: Intra Moenia at Piazza Bellini, a gorgeous leafy square. Their bruschetta is *chefs kiss*

Dinner: Garage Gourmand is our gospel recommendation, a divine Italian fusion spot that you’ll be rolling out of.




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Madrid is one of those cities that feels like it’s constantly bathed in golden light, and it’s definitely up there as one of the most beautiful urban spots in Europe. Among the beautiful architecture, there’s a constant humming of people partying and enjoying life, with bustling shopping districts

and a family-friendly feel that’s rare to come by in cities as vibrant as this one. It’s giving MaryKate and Ashley.



Barrio Sol is the best spot in Madrid for your base, as it’s right on Peurta Del Sol, a central plaza and hot spot for meeting people. It can be a little noisy because of the crowds, but there’s nothing like the sunny disposition of the Spanish to make you feel right at home. If you’re looking for something a little more serene, check out Huertas, an older neighbourhood in the literary quarter that’s chock a block with art and culture.




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Circulo De Bellas Artes 

This rooftop terrace in a cultural building with panoramic views of Madrid is the perfect place to watch the sunset as you sip a drink. Spectacular.


El Rastro Flea Market 

The largest Flea Market in Spain, El Rastro comes alive with its jumble of a crowd, and its stalls are teeming with unique items, from art to clothes to mid century furniture.


Museo Reina Sofia 

This incredible art gallery is home to a number of masterpieces, including Picasso’s Guernica. You can’t miss it!


Eat? Here’s your itinerary! 

Breakfast: Try Pum Pum café. This hip bohemian café serves up everything you could possibly want, including mimosas and eggs benedict that will have you drooling.

Lunch: Head to Plaza Mayor, which offers up a variety of bars where you can snack on a classic Spanish sambo (think crusty bread and salty ham) and a beer for under a fiver

Dinner: La Casa Del Abuelo – they invented the garlic shrimp tapa. Need we say more?


Words by Aoife Codykane

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