Brad Pitt Has Another Famous Actress Girlfriend & We’re Not Sure How We Feel About It

Brad Pitt is fairly notorious for having actress wives and girlfriends, all of which haven’t worked out too well for him in the past.

The actor announced his split from wife of two years (but they’ve actually been together since ’05) Angelina Jolie back in 2016 – and has been single since then.

But now, despite fans wishing and praying that he would reconcile with his newly single ex wife Jennifer Aniston, it turns out Bradders is getting it on with another Hollywood leading lady.

The Sun is reporting that Charlize Theron is the new woman in his life, and the pair began dating over Christmas after being introduced by Charlize’s ex-fiance, Sean Penn.

“They have been casually seeing each other for nearly a month now. They’ve been friends for some time — ironically through Sean (Penn) — but things have developed.” a source confirmed.

“They were ridiculously touchy-feely and his arm was around her back. At one point he winked at her.

“Brad seemed in a really good place — they both looked really happy.”

The Mr and Mrs Smith star has six kids with his ex-wife Angie, who the pair were involved in a custody war over as their divorce was going through – and apparantley Charlize has yet to meet any of the children.

What do we think of Hollywood’s new it couple?


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