BRB Crying, You Can Now Get Matching Bathrobes With Your Dog

Because what else would best friends wear?!

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I wish me and my dog had matching bathrobes’? Because I have.

Answering all of our wishes, a company has now made housecoats (or dressing gowns, depending on where you’re from, the war rages on) for you and your doggo, because what says best friends more than matching leisurewear?!

We all love nothing more than spending a day lazing around in comfortable clothes, and now that we can include our furry friends in our comfort too it makes the process all the more enjoyable.

The brand responsible for twinning you and your pet up is The Posh Paws Company. Available on Etsy, you can buy yourself and your dog bathrobes in a range of different materials, from soft and textured fleece materials, and in colours like cream, grey, red, blue, and white stripe.

When it comes to your pup and their comfort you can get them a robe with a classic tie robe or one with velcro, if you know your dog would be more comfortable that way.

Oh, and if you’re looking to go full ham you can also get your initials stitched on each robe too!

The site is getting rave reviews from customers, so if you’re looking to get one for yourself and your pupper you might want to act fast.




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