Bridgerton Season 2! Here’s All We Know About The Netflix Hit Making A Return

The cast are set to reunite for filming this spring and we couldn't be more excited.

I mean, Connell’s chain walked so Duke’s spoon could run. If you don’t know what we’re on about we’ve got two things to tell you. Firstly, you need to binge watch Netflix hit Bridgerton STAT and secondly, check out our Instagram @stellarmagazine for all your Bridgerton updates, including thirsty vids of the Duke of Hastings.

It’s fair to see we were all obsessed with Bridgerton over Christmas, from the addictive and dramatic storyline to the classical revamp of our favourite pop hits, the *romping*, the clothing and of course, the scenes in general, Bridgerton ticks many a box and after just 8 episodes, it’s left a lot of people wanting more.

More Duke, more Daphne, more Bridgertons, more love.

So, when will the show be back for season two? 

Earlier this week, Netflix kindly put us out of our misery announcing that Bridgerton would return for a second season. The first season was based on the first of EIGHT best-selling books by Julia Quinn meaning that if Netflix was to commission a couple more seasons (which come on, they surely will), then they’d have all the material already setup for them. It’s a successful win-win.

Where will the second season take us? 

Eight Bridgerton books, eight Bridgerton siblings. See the pattern? Although we want the story of Daphne and Duke to continue forever more, *spoiler alert if you’re not finished S1*, their romance kind of wrapped up at the end of the season one. They stayed together, had a baby and both decided to work on their marriage. There’s little scope left here without us getting a bit bored.

Now, of course, their relationship will surely play into the background of the second season while it focuses on another Bridgeton, but we’re guessing they won’t take centre stage again.

So, who will the show focus on?

According to Netflix, it looks like our predictions are right and the show will follow the same pattern as the books – the first season did – following the first book titled “The Duke and I”, meaning the second season will be all about Anthony Bridgeton following the second book “The Viscount Who Loved Me”.

I mean, how exciting?

We know that Anthony Bridgeton dominated the screen (and our hearts) anytime he showed face, but season two looks to be all about him, his battle with love and class, and his relationship with Edwina.

Or should we say his ongoing love limbo.

Lady Whistledown also makes a strong return in book (and season) number two, causing more havoc among London’s most eligible and spilling all the secrets in her Society Papers.

Does anyone else get a Rita Skeeter vibe from Lady Whistledown?

Whatever season two looks to bring, it’s safe to say we’re excited.

You can watch Bridgerton on Netflix now. 


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