Brooklyn Beckham Has A New Tattoo And People Are Calling It Racist

Fans are expressing their anger on Instagram.

Brooklyn Beckham lost his inking virginity by getting a tattoo just like his dad’s, but people are not impressed.

The new tat, which is forever now on his forearm, is a black and white illustration of a Native American. His dad, David, has a similar image on his torso.

However, fans on Instagram are criticising Brooklyn for choosing this tattoo for artistic reasons, claiming he’s being disrespectful to the Native American people.

Thank you so much Mark x just like dads

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And we are done x

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One fan wrote, “In future you could consider your privilege and your history (white colonialism). Native American people continue to be discriminated against and oppressed, their land, security and liberties threatened by white people. The allies they need are those who will support their voices being raised, especially in areas of influence, like in politics and in popular culture like through the following you have – they don’t need representation in the form of being fashion/art on white skin.”

While another Instagram comment reads, “Ok symbolic ? In what way? He doesn’t look American Indian..nor has the blood of any American tribe in him. Its just a pic he liked..nothing more.”

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