Brr! Brace Yourselves, Temperatures Are Set To Take A Major Turn For The Worse Tonight

Plunging temps are en route. Soz.

Dublin in Winter

As far as Decembers go, this year’s hasn’t been a bad one. Temperatures have stayed mild, and for the most part, it’s been relatively dry too.

Sadly though, it looks like that’s all going to change tonight, with Met Eireann predicting that temperatures are set to plunge into the minus degrees.

The national forecaster says we’ll see temperatures as low as -4 in some parts of the country this evening and has warned of severe frost.

They predict, that tonight will be “very cold” but “mostly clear, with a sharp to severe frost away from Atlantic coasts.”

It’s not all bad news. After all, chilly temps provide the perfect excuse to wrap up in a mermaid blanket, make yourself a hot chocolate and binge-watch a series.,

Silver linings, eh?


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