Buh-Bye 140! Twitter Has FINALLY Updated It’s Character Count But People Are Raging

It's a spam account's dream.

Twitter announced a major change to it’s character limit so that more can be said in a single tweet.

The social media platform revealed that tagging someone’s username will no longer deduct any characters from the 140-character limit, so if you want to tag @StellarMagazine, you’ll now have an additional 16 characters to play with.

However, people are really angry about this change, as now hundreds of people can be tagged in the one tweet. It’s a joy for spam accounts, but a horror for anyone else.

The process of tagging tonnes of people at a time is called a ‘Twitter canoe’, which isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds.

Why couldn’t they just have given us the ‘edit tweet’ button we’ve been waiting for…

The struggle is very real.

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