But Why?! This New Pic Of Selena Gomez Contains The Weirdest Photoshop Error

It was spotted by fans.


She may be a flawless specimen and the owner of the most popular Instagram account, but it seems even Selena Gomez isn’t immune to a little retouching.

A case in point? This recent selfie of her posted to Twitter by celebrity make-up artist Hung Vanngo.

At first glance, everything looks fairly normal but take a closer look.

What’s that bending on the bottom of the wall all about? Typically, that’s a telltale sign that some crafty Photoshopping has gone on.

But what’s being Photoshopped here? Selena’s shoulders?!

More likely, it’s her hair. See that gorgeous texture? Yeah, if Photoshop has been used like fans expect, it’s likely an editing tool has been employed to accentuate her gorgeous messy do.

Mystery solved we guess. But seriously, Selena’s stun, no Photoshop required.


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