Caitlyn Jenner Shares That Kim Kardashian’s Marriage “Isn’t Going The Way She Wants It To Go”

"She knows I'm there for her. And that's the good part."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage has been massively under the spotlight this year. Fans of the rapper are already used to his sometimes unusual behaviour but his outbursts this year have become more and more erratic.

Since Kanye announced he would be joining the presidential race earlier this summer, this has reportedly put the couples marriage under further strain.

In a recent interview Caitlyn Jenner spoke about their relationship and how, out of all the Kardashian’s, Kim is who she worries about the least. Speaking with Access Hollywood she shared that Kim is “extraordinarily strong” and “She’s probably out of all of the girls the one I worry about the least.”


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“I think she’s doing a wonderful job. Is when you have any relationship is and it’s not going quite the way you wanted it to go, is it tough? Yeah.”

She went on to say; “But she’s so strong and she loves her kids to death, that’s where she’s spending all her time. With her family. Good for her.”

“She knows I’m there for her. And that’s the good part.”


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Only recently it seemed the pair were on the mend again and this time, determined to give it a better shot.

With Kanye West apparently finding quarantine extremely difficult, his emotions have affected the rest of the family and in turn, hurt his marriage with Kim. The pair are reported to have kept apart during lockdown, even before Kanye West began his presidential run which also nearly lead to the pair splitting for good.

“Kim is focused on healing her relationship with Kanye and has been busy taking care of their kids and him.

‘She has been helping and supporting him a ton while he’s been struggling with his mental health and wants him to know and feel that she is there for him through thick and thin,” a source told US Weekly.

And it looks like the pair are really trying, having just returned home from a trip to the Dominican Republic where the whole family appeared to enjoy some downtime.


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