Can You Guess The Average Cost Of An Irish Wedding?

The average wedding day spend has risen from last year, with many couples taking out a loan to help cover the cost.

couple getting married

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding will know they’re a costly business and things add up fast. From the cake to the table settings, to those bespoke favours that you’re not entirely sure you need; the costs can easily get out of control.

This year the average wedding day spend is up, with Irish couples spending approximately €22,531, an increase of 6% on last year, according to a survey by weddingsonline.

Why the rise? The survey also revealed that on average couples are marrying older, and therefore may be more financially secure and have a bigger budget for their big day.

Add to that, weddings are getting bigger too, with the average number of guests coming in at 156. 23% of couples opted for a bigger party with over 200 guests.

The average cost of the meal has risen too, with couples spending an average of €60 per guest, an increase of 18% on last year, and tellingly, 28% of couples admitted to taking out a loan to cover those costs.

So what can you do to keep the costs down? You can save an estimated 10-20 percent by having your big day on a Thursday or a Friday instead of a Saturday and getting married out of season, between December to March.

Other options include crowdsourcing the professionals you need for the day (Got a cousin who’s ace at photography? Rope him in to take your photos at a fraction of the cost) and opting for a more cost-effective buffet style lunch instead of a formal sit down dinner.


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