Can You Wear More Make-Up Next Time? And 5 Other Not Okay Questions Women Have Been Asked At Job Interviews

This photo series rounds up some of the most discriminatory questions women have been asked at job interviews. The good news is, you're not obliged to answer any of them.

Ever been asked if you plan to have kids, or if you’ll be taking time off work because of PMT, when interviewing for a new job? If the answer is yes you might not be alone because a new photo series by employment law firm Thomas Mansfield has highlighted some of the most discriminatory questions that women have faced at job interviews.

Thomas Mansfield asked female graduates from more than 20 universities what were the worst questions they had been asked by an interviewer. The answers ranged from “do you get PMT?” and “are you planning on having children soon?” to “can you wear more make-up next time?” and “can you flirt with the customers to make them stay longer?” (WTF?!)

The good news is that it’s illegal for employers to ask you these questions, and if you’re asked about any of the following topics you don’t have to respond:

  • Your relationship status.
  • Your age.
  • Whether you have children, or plan to.
  • Your health (unless it’s likely to affect your ability to do the job).
  • Any spent criminal convictions (unless the job is covered by special rules, for example, a teacher).