Carbs FTW! Gigi Hadid’s Pre Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Diet Really Isn’t What You’d Expect It To Be

It's not all leafy green salads, you know.

Gigi Hadid

What does it take to be a Victoria’s Secret model? Well aside from being genetically blessed it’s also takes a whole lotta hard slog at the gym (Further viewing: These intense Train Like An Angel exercise vids) and some fairly selective food choices.

But while the VS Angels certainly aren’t ordering Dominos on the reg or glugging down bottles of the red stuff on a Friday night, their diets might not be just as strict as you think they are.

That’s according to Gigi Hadid, who has recently revealed that she’s eating all of the carbs ahead of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show next month.

“Right now I’m doing a lot of squats and eating my carbs because my butt is what I’m working on for the last two weeks,” Gigi told Extra TV. “It’s getting a little perkier.”

When asked just how many carbs she was scoffing on the daily, Gigi confirmed: “I’m eating a lot. And I’m squatting a lot. I don’t want to get skinnier at this point.”

While we’ve no doubt that Gigi is sticking to healthier carb choices (think brown rice and steel-cut oats, not dough balls and pizza) it’s still comforting to know that even top models chow down on the yummiest food group of them all.

Of course, knowing Gigi’s exercise habits, we’re certain she’ll be torching through those extra calories in no time.

The model previously revealed that her grueling exercise routine involved five weekly sessions and combined a mix of high-intensity, sweat-inducing core movements, so we’ve no doubt she’s putting all those extra carbs to good use.


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