Cardi B And Offset Are Reportedly Back Together After He Vowed To Have ‘No More Groupies’

Here we go again...

Cardi B and husband Offset are reportedly back together following their split in December.

TMZ has reported Cardi is returning to the home she and Offset shared with their baby Kulture before the breakup. The two split after cheating allegations regarding Offset surfaced.

The news doesn’t come as much of a shock as Cardi continued to talk about her husband in the weeks following their split. Last week, she posted an Instagram story of what appeared to be a screenshot from a Facetime call with Offset and the baby, featuring the caption: “I wanna go home.” Looks like she did just that!

TMZ reports that one of the key factors sparking Cardi’s return was Offset changing his phone number in order to show her he’s serious about being honest and faithful. They also have reportedly put a “no groupie” rule in place.

Do you think everything will work out this time?


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