Casa Amor Could Be Coming Very Soon

Casa Amor! Casa Amor! Casa Amor!

Everytime Love Island comes on to our screens, we can’t help but talk about when ‘Casa Amor’ is going to happen.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you’re in for a real treat. The boys and girls will be split into separate villas and joined by a whole new bunch of stunning Islanders of the opposite sex who are hoping to turn their heads. Some may test the waters and some might dive right in, but one thing’s for sure, whatever happens in Casa Amor definitely does not stay there.

The peak drama of the series always spills out of the antics of this event, with the couples being put to the ultimate test and seeing if they would stay loyal to one another. The tension when you’re waiting to see if someone will bring another person back to the villa is a thrill like no other tbh.


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With all this excitement left to come from this season, we finally have a hint as to when we will see the Casa Amor portion of the series.

According to The Sun the Islanders will face Casa Amor on July 4th – just ten days away!

An insider told The Sun, “Just when the Islanders start to get comfortable in their couples,  they are going to get a real shock as they are torn apart.

“This year’s Casa Amor promises to be the most explosive yet thanks to some seriously fiery characters, who have already shown their heads can be turned.”

Explosive?! Oh we cannot wait!


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The insider continued, “Everything is in place, but the date could change at the last minute if bosses decide they can ramp up the drama at an earlier or later moment.”

During last seasons post Casa Amor recoupling eventual winners of the show hit some rocks as it was revealed Liam was kissing Casa Amor girl Lillie outside of challenges unbeknownst to Millie Court who was waiting for him in the main villa…

Luckily all ended well for the pair, but that wasn’t before some explosive arguments and a meeting between Lillie and Millie, the tea was HOT.

This season has been a hit so far so we can imagine this will only make things even better!

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