Cauliflower Desserts Are A Thing And We’re Drooling!

It might sound like an unusual combo but these sweet cauliflower eats are serious food porn.

Cauliflower pizza

When you think of dessert you probably imagine a seriously indulgent New York-style baked cheesecake or a double chocolate brownie that’s all warm and gooey in the middle.

The health fanatics among you might conjure up images of sweet potato brownies or squidgy home-baked goodies lovingly whipped up with almond butter.

But Cauliflower? It’s not exactly the first ingredient that springs to mind when thinking about our third – and favourite – course.

Yet, a quick scroll through #FitFood accounts on Instagram reveals that cauliflower desserts are having a moment, and as it turns out they’re seriously delicious.

Brownie points? Cauliflower contains 77 percent of your recommend daily intake of Vitamin C and is a deadly source of fibre, protein, potassium and manganese.

Here are four recipes we’re making ASAP!

Cauliflower Rice Pudding

Cauliflower Rice Pudding

Drool! There’s something so comforting about this creamy rice pudding recipe. It combines raw cauliflower, coconut cream, almond milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon.

Chocolate Pizza with a Cocoa Cauliflower Crust

Cauliflower pizza

A great recipe for gals who like to eat clean, but also have a penchant for chocolate and pizza (er, all of us, right?) this cauliflower-based treat equals sheer indulgence. Now excuse us while we work our way through our third slice…

Cauliflower Brownies

Cauliflower Brownies

These are the perfect mix of chocolately and fudgey. Made with almond milk, 90% dark chocolate, butter and coconut flour, they’re also low-carb and gluten-free too. Most importantly though, they’re totes delish!

Crazy Ingredient Cake

Crazy Ingredient Chocolate Cake

We’ll admit that the ingredient list for this one is pretty long, but boy is it worth it. We mean seriously, just look at that frosting. #Salivating.


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