Cecelia Ahern Has Just Confirmed That The PS, I Love You Sequel Is Being Made Into A Movie

AND Hilary Swank is involved again, eeek!

Cecelia Ahern has just confirmed that the sequel novel to PS, I Love You is in the process of being made into a movie.

Postscript, The hotly anticipated sequel to the worldwide phomonenon that is PS, I Love You, was released today. And although we are still a little disappointed that she didn’t go with the title PS, I love You Too, we are still excited to hear the news that the storyline will be taking to the big screen also.

The novel, again, follows the story of Holly, but this time around we get to find out what she is up to six years on from her letter hunt.

To add to the already good news, Cecelia also confirmed that Hilary Swank is set to play Holly again.

Speaking to Pat Kenny on Newstalk today she said:

“Hilary Swank emailed me straight after the news emerged that I was writing Postscript. She was so supportive and said ‘I’d love to read the book’ anything I can do I will which was so lovely of her”

Continuing she said, “Hilary is back and Alcon Fils, who produced it.”

The film is reportedly in the “very early stages” of production but Cecelia assures us that it is definitely happening.

So, watch this space!


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