0 to 100: Juliye Has Arrived and We Can’t Look Away

When was the last time we were so invested in a celebrity couple?


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Everyone enjoys an iconic couple – if anything’s a winning combo, it’s fame, money and love. There was once a time where we were pouring over magazines to desperately catch a photograph of Brangelina or find out which A-lister had been spotted on a date. But as social media evolved and celebs started to take control of sharing their own lives, the celebrity romance got diluted among a flood of other insights into the world of the famous.

Nowadays, it isn’t weird to know what Beyoncé eats for breakfast. (Scrambled eggs). So, in order to make people go crazy over a sighting of two hot-shots holding hands, you’d want to be pretty exciting. Enter, Juliye; the glamorous and ultimately kind of bizarre pair that are turning heads worldwide. Read on for a deep dive of their relationship, and a timeline of the coupling that’s got everyone’s attention.

Who is Julia Fox?

So who is this woman who has burst onto the scene in a matter of weeks? Or at least, onto the global scene. It turns out that Fox has been a ticking time bomb for quite a while, and has been running in niche New York circles well before she landed on our radar. An Italian American, the beautiful ‘girlfriend to Kanye West’ is an actress, filmmaker, model, and even former dominatrix. Fox has been photographed for Vogue, Playboy and Paper (remind you of anyone?), and had her first feature film role in Uncut Gems – that nail-bitingly-tense Adam Sandler movie.

The 31-year-old has a son with her ex Peter Artimiev; one year old Valentino, who was born in January 2021. What an incredible mama this kid has! And it was New Years Eve in Miami when the budding starlet first came across the inimitable rapper, designer and producer Kanye West, and their explosive romance began.

How It Started


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In a piece written for Interview, Fox shared that she and Ye hit it off immediately, flying back to New York together after their first meeting to see a show on Broadway. After that, the pair propelled themselves into the eye of the public instantly, heading out for dinner at Italian American restaurant Carbone – where West directed an impromptu photoshoot of Fox. No, really. You’d be scarlet! Fox shared that she was dressed for the shoot by fashion obsessed West, who had an entire wardrobe of clothing ready for her to wear. The date is freakishly reminiscent of an old episode of KUWTK where West ambushed ex wife Kim Kardashian with a stylist, insisting she throw out her clothes and allow him to ‘reinvent’ her, despite Kim’s reservations about ditching her favourite items. Fox, however, is nonplussed by the intensity of West’s behaviour, saying it was a ‘real Cinderella’ moment. Okay, then…

‘Fox News’


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Mid January, a baffling decision by Fox to share intimate details of her relationship with West confused fans, as the latter has been known to complain about his desire for more privacy, particularly in relation to how much his children are exposed through the Kardashian’s media channels. Fox told Interview magazine she would keep them in the loop with weekly updates that she’s coining ‘Fox News’, and began spilling the tea over on her podcast too.

Forbidden Fruit is the podcast which she co-hosts with little known actress Niki Takesh. The podcast sees Fox chatting to listeners about her and West’s mental health, their astrological compatibility, and even how she’s a fan of the Kardashians. Wild! A sceptic might say that Fox is a clever businesswoman, and that West is staying silent because of his recent announcement at a concert that he’s still mad about Kim; ‘I need you to run right back to me baby…Kimberly’.

The statement came in December, a matter of weeks before he was introduced to Fox. Is Ye amping up stories about his new sweetheart as a scheme to spark envy in his ex, who’s now coupled up with Pete Davidson? Who knows. Whether this is all planned or Ye has simply been shot by Cupid and moved swiftly on, Fox is proving to be unusually chill about the whole thing.

Keeping It Real

Perhaps sensing what fans were assuming about the whirlwind nature of their romance, Fox took once again to her podcast to reassert that her love for West is true. On the 21st January, she hit back at haters with a hilariously blunt reminder that West isn’t her first toe-dip into the land of the mega rich. ‘Oh, you’re only in it for the fame, you’re in it for the clout, you’re in it for the money. Honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life, let’s keep it real.’

Inside sources revealed that one of these dates may well have been musician Drake, who allegedly flew the model out to Los Angeles and gifted her Birkin bags for Valentines day. She sure knows how to pick ‘em. Fox went on to say that she doesn’t bother reading what anyone writes about her, because she simply doesn’t care what people have to say. Alright, I hear you!

Words by Aoife CodyKane