Amy Hart Showcases Her New Teeth After ‘Every Single Day’ Trolling

The Love Island star recently spoke about her new veneers.


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11 years after getting her first set of veneers, Amy Hart has debuted her brand new teeth, opting to get a second set of veneers after her stint on Love Island pushed her to getting more dental work.

Revealing her new pearly set while talking on Loose Women via Skype, Amy Hart explained that although she’s happy with her decision, it wasn’t just her idea.

“Obviously life has changed a lot, and people didn’t think I had ex-reality star teeth and people would tell me that every day.

“I literally used to get messages about them every single day.”


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Continuing, the Islander revealed that although she has grown a thick skin to the harsh comments, she’s only human at the end of the day and the harsh comments do get to her.

“You can brush them off for a certain amount of times… and then I thought, ‘Why not? Let’s just have them done?’ And I’m so happy I have.”

Revealing that her “new smile” has her feeling more happy and confident, Amy also revealed that she’s still going to therapy and explained that it has “changed her life”, especially since coming out of the show.

“I’m learning to deal with the trolls. I have grown up my whole life thinking I’m not good enough, I’m ugly, I’m unlikable…’ she said. ‘My therapist has done so much work with me into making me realise I am a likeable person, I do deserve to have nice friends, I’m not a failure.”

Now you said it, Amy!