Eurovision’s Brooke Scullion Teases New Music Plans And Possible TV Return

Let her do Eurovision again, please!

Brooke Scullion Pic: Brian McEvoy

Eurovision’s Brooke Scullion was buzzing when she walked the red carpet at the Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards.

We caught up with the Eurovision star who hinted at her future plans.

“I’m so busy. This summer has been so nice because I’ve been able to take time to make some music. I’ve been all go-go-go but I’ve been really creative,” the Derry girl promises.

So what exactly can we expect from her?

Brooke Scullion Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

“I can’t tell you! But I’m really excited…but…I can’t say anything about it!” she says, before promising: “There is a project in the works.”

While she doesn’t tell us what it could possibly be, we ask would she like to try her hand at telly again.

“100 per cent. I love TV! I’m really excited for Patrick Kielty to take over the Late Late, with him being from the North as well. I’m really excited for all of it and I’d love to be a part of it,” she states.

Since appearing on Eurovision in 2022, her life has changed immensely. She’s been touring the globe and has been able to focus on music full-time.

Brooke Scullion

Pic: Andres Poveda

“It’s hard to think about what it was like before,” she admits.

“Living in Dublin is one of the best things that ever happened, I got to meet Robert [RowiƄski] and I got to do Dancing with the Stars. That lifestyle made me a different level of performer. I used to just sing and do the bare minimum of dancing. But now I do full routines and do amazing shows. That’s all I ever wanted.”

And of course, she is recognised all the time: “They’re always like, ‘I know you from somewhere.’ And it’s Eurovision. It’s such a gorgeous family to be part of.”

She could go on for hours about Eurovision, telling us: “My first time watching Eurovision was when Lordi won for Finland and I was terrified.

Brooke Scullion

Pic: Ruth Medjber

“But I was also like, ‘This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.’ It touches everyone’s lives and I’m lucky that it’s been part of mine.”

Well we’ll be keeping our ears and eyes peeled for what Brooke is up to!