Christmas With Katy Perry Looks… Competitive

Board games can get the better of all of us.

The Perry family take board games very seriously and it looks like Katy’s fiancé Orlando Bloom is fitting right in.

Playing a friendly game of Taboo, things escalate into chaos quite quickly.


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happy holidays with the fam ♥️


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While it might be dangerous to guess what’s going on exactly, it would appear that Orlando won the game and the opposing team, consisting of Katy’s relations, shouted out the correct answer but their time was up.

And when the time is up in Taboo, the time is up.

Things got heated, some things were shouted – “First of all, you’re from a different country” is a particular highlight – that will not be forgotten but it’s all in the spirit of Christmas.

If anything, this proves that Katy and Orlando, who got engaged in February, are kind of a perfect fit.

May you have many more Taboo-related screaming matches in your future.


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