Did Kim Kardashian Just Slyly React To Taylor Swift’s Diss In Her New Track?

When will it end??

The most entertaining celebrity feed of the modern era has taken yet another juicy twist.

As you may know, Taylor Swift released a brand new song yesterday titled Look What You Made Me Do.

The track features lyrics that some say are in reference to her infamous feud with rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West. “I don’t like your little games, Don’t like your tilted stage,” being the lyrics in question. Kanye has famously been using a tilted stage in throughout his Saint Pablo world tour.

Quick history lesson: Kanye wrote about Taylor in his hit song Famous, basically calling her a bitch, taking credit for her fame and implying she wants to have sex with him. Taylor calls out Kanye on stage at the Grammy’s, and finally Kim K totally exposes Tay Tay by posting the video to her snapchat of the phone call that revealed Taylor agreeing to Kanye’s lyrics before they were released. Caught up? Good.

So when all this went down, Taylor’s Instagram comments were FLOODED with users leaving the snake emoji, to imply they weren’t happy with her sneaky ways. However, it seems now the tables have turned at the Bad Blood singer may have just re-branded herself in exactly that way.

And what is happening on the world of the gram you ask? That’s right, KKW is now herself being totally spammed with snake emojis, bearing in mind that both of these ladies in question have over 100 million followers each!

Although neither Kim or Kanye have officially responded to Taylor’s latest lyrics, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star has now disabled the use of the snake emoji in her comment section! We wonder does the Queen of exposing have any more dark secrets up her sleeve? If so…spill that tea girl!



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