Did You Know Timothée Chalamet Was A Rapper Long Before He Turned To Acting?

He gave a shoutout to his past persona - Lil Timmy Tim.


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Before Timothée Chalamet was Oscar nominated, moving people to tears with Beautiful Boy or starring alongside some major Hollywood names like Emma Watson and Saorise Ronan, Timothée was venturing down a different path.

One as a rapper.

Wild, but true.

During an appearance on Graduate Together, a broadcast to honour students graduating this year across the United States, Timothée said a few words, shedding some guidance for the future and also wishing pupils of his past school good luck with everything they do next. Timothée, who attended LaGuardia school of performing arts in New York, gave a mention to some of his teachers, including “Miss Lawson” for her excellent guidance during the study of statistics.

One which led him to create this masterpiece under pseudonym “Lil Timmy Tim”.

Yes, die hard fans of Timothée got a good scream out of the star lightly touching on this character, taking to social media to write: “No way did timothee chalamet shout out miss lawton on — I almost peed..”

But as Timothée mentioned on The Graham Norton show last year, Lil Timmy Tim wasn’t created as a project for his statistics class, oh no, Lil Timmy Tim was an artist Timothée was already fully committed to.

Just watch him put his own spin on Nicki Minaj’s Roman’s Revenge during a 2012 Rising Stars competition.

A true artisté, indeed.

But we’re glad he chose acting, tbh.

And for those asking – no, Timothée doesn’t seem to have any wishes to bring back Lil Timmy Tim, so you cannot book him for your 30th in NoLita – I’ve already tried.

However, you can be sure I’ll be spending my day digging up Timmy Tim videos, thank you very much.

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