Even Just Reading Orlando Bloom’s Morning Routine Is Making Us Feel Exhausted

I mean, you can't fault the man's motivation.


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As you might have seen on Twitter, Orlando Bloom has become quite the talking point over the past few days.

On Sunday, a recent interview with the 44-year-old began to trend on Twitter as many questioned, upon reading it, if the interview was in reality a spoof.

However, it was in fact not the clever work of photoshop or the likes of Waterford Whispers, but in fact a real interview conducted by The Sunday Times.

Answering their ‘A Life In A Day’ piece, Orlando spoke about his very ‘LA’ lifestyle and his frankly, intense morning routine that involves an early rise, powders, hikes and chants.

Explaining that he rises at 6:30am, the actor then checks his sleep tracker app, before checking on his daughter while his wife Katy Perry sleeps. Explaining that the pair will do some time “connecting”, Orlando adds that he will be “eye gazing” with his daughter before chanting for 20 minutes, and then having a mixture of powders from brain octane oil to collegen for his hair and nails, because he likes to ‘earn his breakfast’.


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Then, the star likes to go for a hike, listening to a pre-planned playlist of Nirvana before coming home and having breakfast all before 9am.

*and breathe* 

Explaining that his wife likes a lie in (g’wan Katy), Orlando says that because he’s a Capricorn he craves routine and that Katy respects that.

Adding that his brekkie is usually a bowl of porridge topped with some fancy bits like vanilla paste, goji berries and hazelnuts, alongside a cup of PG Tips, the father of two added that after breakfast, he then gets dressed and likes to make an effort, so ‘no tracksuit bottoms’.

You can read the full chat here.

Well, although we unfortunately can’t relate, we do appreciate his drive and the gas Tweets he has since inspired.

It’s all pretty brilliant, and while we’re on the topic of ‘A Life In A Day’, we’d recommend reading Tom Hollander’s too – you’ll immensely enjoy.


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