‘Everything Is Where It Should Be’ Tommy Fury Discusses Proposing To Molly-Mae Hague

The boxer and influencer have just reunited after eight weeks apart.


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Molly-Mae Hague and longterm boyfriend Tommy Fury have jetted off to Los Angeles for a romantic getaway after spending the past eight weeks apart.

The pair were separated while Tommy headed to a training camp to prepare for his undercard fight against and subsequently, win, against Daniel Bocianski.

Not spending much time at his new €4.1 million home, Molly-Mae moved the pair into their new mega pad by herself while Tommy was training and now, to celebrate being back together, he’s set to spend even more time away from the house, as the pair have headed to Los Angeles for two weeks.

The last time Molly-Mae and Tommy jetted overseas together was to New York for New Year’s, when fans were convinced Tommy was going to propose.


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Now, as the pair have secured their dream home, fans are even more convinced Tommy has a ring in his pocket, however, the boxer admitted that he never plans ahead.

Speaking to The Sun, he said:

“Everyone is assuming we’re getting engaged but nobody will ever know when I’m going to as I’m a spur of the moment type of guy, I don’t plan things, if I’m going to do it I will just do it.”

Admitting that the holiday is a chance for the pair to relax and celebrate this birthday, Tommy added:

“It’s my birthday on the 17th too and we’re going to enjoy ourselves, I can’t wait to forget about everything, not think about boxing, eat good food and put some weight on. We’re going to LA for two weeks and I can’t wait to get some sun.”


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Dating since appearing on Love Island together in 2019, Tommy admitted that life is good right now, with their beautiful new home in the process of renovation.

“It’s lovely to have our home together and not be renting, our cats enjoy it. Everything is where it should be. I thank the lord that we live this life and everything is going well and how it should be.”

We cannot wait to see what the pair get up to in California, ring or no ring.

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