Hannah Brown Is Opening Up about Her ‘Love Triangle’ With Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron

We're finally getting the details!


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2019 was one of the most dramatic years in Bachelorette history, which is saying something. The final was between fan favourite Tyler C and Jed Wyatt. After Hannah Brown chose Jed, she (and us at home) then found out that Jed already had a girlfriend and only went on the show to promote his music career.

Yikes! That was definitely a wild reveal!

Yet, somehow, the most dramatic stuff still managed to happen off-camera. Once the show ended, Hannah and Tyler seemed to be trying to make things work. Only for Tyler to jump into a pretty serious relationship with model Gigi Hadid.

Seeing as the show was over, we were kept painfully in the dark about the whole situation. Until now, that is.

Hannah is finally opening up about the “love triangle” in her new memoir, “God Bless This Mess.”


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Hannah revealed that Tyler and Gigi’s relationship took her by surprise and was strange as she was actually a massive fan of Gigi like the rest of us.

She spilt the tea, saying:

“What’s crazy is, I loved Gigi Hadid! I thought she was the coolest. I still do, I get it. I would even go on a date with her. I wanna be her friend! But never did I expect to be in a love triangle with her.”

Hannah explained that before news of Gigi and Tyler’s romance broke, Tyler and Hannah had spent a romantic evening together, only for Hannah to find out about Gigi the next day.

“I woke up the next morning to find paparazzi photos of Tyler tagged all over Instagram. Tyler, in New York City — on a date with supermodel Gigi Hadid, Tyler met up with a supermodel after getting off the phone with me.”


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Hannah explained how her relationship with Tyler was a lot more serious without the cameras, which meant his betrayal was painful.

“This wasn’t a TV show. This wasn’t some game, my time with Tyler at my apartment wasn’t some meaningless hookup, the way it was portrayed in the press. My heart was on the line. And he broke it. With a supermodel. Can you imagine?”

After the Gigi/Tyler news broke, Hannah couldn’t contact Tyler, which meant answering questions about their relationship was extremely hard. “Everyone wanted to know what was going on, ‘I don’t know what’s going on!’ is the only thing I could say.”

Once she did get a hold of Tyler, he tried to defend his actions in a pretty questionable way.


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Hannah revealed he tried to defend his actions saying something along the lines of, “You got to date 30 guys, so I’m gonna date around and see if I still want to be with you.”

Hannah wasn’t having it and told him, “You just told me you weren’t seeing anybody else. And then you said you wanted to talk about it, but we never talked about it, and like an hour later you went out with her!”

Hannah regretted presenting him as a “respectful king” due to the incident. Saying, “This feels like you’re disrespecting me more than anybody has in my entire life! I’m going to be asked about you and Gigi now, constantly. Do you not understand that? I’m the one who has to answer for what you’re doing.”


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While it was all very up in the air for the three of them, things eventually settled down. Tyler and Gigi called it quits after a few months. Which led to Gigi donning the iconic “Boys Lie Good Bye” top.

Pop culture history right there!

After the Gigi/Tyler split, there was a rumoured Hannah/Tyler reunion. The pair quarantined together at the beginning of lockdown but never publicly confirmed the relationship. However, it seems their quarantine bliss didn’t last.

But there was a happy ending. Hannah is currently in a relationship with model Adam Woolard. Gigi welcomed a baby girl Khai with her ex-boyfriend Zayn, while Tyler is recently single after his relationship with influencer Camila Kendra.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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