Harry And Meghan Are Releasing A Book And It Has Already Sparked Drama

I mean, are we surprised?

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Although they’ve stepped away from their senior royal titles, it seems like Harry and Meghan might still be battling with some former employees back in the UK.

As they prepare to release their new biography “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family”, there’s apparently tension in the air from the royal aides as they’re concerned on how the book will perceive some members of the royal family.

Although the details of the book have remained under lock and key, it has been rumoured that it will tackle many misconceptions surrounding Harry and Meghan, as well as debunking a lot of rumours and this is why the royal aides are nervous.

Apparently there are fears that Harry will discuss his ongoing “feud” with brother Prince William, tainting the image of the future King of England.

“They are worried William especially will be portrayed in a bad light. This sort of family spat shouldn’t be out there in public. This shouldn’t happen to future monarchs. The book could be the most damaging thing to the Royal Family since Prince Diana’s interview on Panorama with Martin Bashir,” a source told The Sun.

Continuing, the source revealed that the aides are “privately worried about it” and think the book might paint William as being “unsupportive and unsympathetic” of the couple, they’re break from the royal family and their move to the US.

However, as we’ve literally got no details on the book, our best guess is that the biography will feature more so on why Harry and Meghan personally felt it was best to move away from royal life rather than involving their family, and causing more drama – something they’re so eager to move away from.

All will be revealed on August 11 anyways, when Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family hits stores.


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