Here’s The Full (And Wild) Story About Harry Styles And The ‘Stolen’ Microwave

Does this mean Adore You was about a kitchen appliance?


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There are plenty of bizarre rumours about celebs out there. Taylor Swift doesn’t have a belly button, Avril Lavigne was replaced with a body double, we’ve all heard plenty of the crazy theories that are floating about.

But this latest one has definitely got to be up there with the wildest.

Essentially the entire internet is currently investigating if Harry Styles stole a microwave! So why is everyone laughing their heads off at the mystery of a missing microwave? Well, it all starts with a show Harry played in Long Island.

His show was at the UBS Arena, and a Harry mega fan, TikToker Dianna Rainone’s father works at that stadium. After the show, he told her a microwave was gone, and Harry Styles had stolen it. Dianna then posted a TikTok about the story and showed screenshots of the texts her dad sent about it.


j imagine him running full force w a microwave #ubsarena #harrystyles #hslot #loveontour

♬ original sound – dianna:)

No one could hear that story and simply forget about it. No, it needs to be discussed, so that’s exactly what Harry’s fans did. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the microwave robbery and took themselves very seriously, of course.

Ok, but hilarious tweets aside, is it actually true? Well, a microwave is missing from the stadium but did Harry really run away with it, cat burglar style?


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No. No, he did not.

As it turns out, the story was an inside joke between Dianna and her dad, which she thought was so funny it should be shared on TikTok. Dianna told the New York Post how this was all started.

She explained, “he hit me out of nowhere saying the crew microwave was missing and he had joked around saying Harry Styles stole it. I could not stop laughing, so I figured why not make a TikTok about it, I went to bed that night not even checking the app and I woke up to over like 20,000 views and 12,000 likes which was insane.”

“So many people thought it was real. They were like, ‘OMG, is your dad going to say anything to someone or are they going to get in touch with Harry’s team?'”

“I really hope Harry does not see this — I’ll die of embarrassment.”

So there you have it, Harry is an innocent man, not the microwave bandit he was portrayed as. Yeah, that’s grand, great news, but what about the part we really care about? Where is the microwave? Is it ok? Who did take it?

Well, Dianna’s father has some theories. She said, “it would be hilarious if Harry took the microwave, but my dad said someone probably moved it to clean or something,”

Here’s hoping the microwave returns safely.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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