Here’s What Priya Gopaldas *Really* Had To Say About Getting Dumped From The Villa

The Love Islander was voted as 'least compatible' with Brett Staniland.

Another couple bites the dust.

Priya and Brett have left the Love Island villa after the pair were voted by the public and their fellow Islanders as the least compatible couple.

Deciding to leave as just friends, the pair were having some relationship turbulence ahead of the dumping, with Priya admitting that Brett was beginning to give her the “ick” with everything he was doing from holding her hand to admitting his favourite cheese was brie.

Yep, brie, how crazy?


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Now, out of the villa and on the first flight back to the UK, Priya has opened up about her time in Love Island, her thoughts on Brett and what she really thinks about being dumped from the show.

“Because Brett and I were the only friendship couple there, it was inevitable that we were going to leave. I’m glad that all the other couples in there are super solid and they have a chance to stay, it’s only fair they stayed and we left,” the medicine student revealed.

Continuing, Priya admitted that she thinks Brett is “more reserved” that her and that it was the driving force between them inevitably parting ways.

“I’m looking for someone who wants to get out of their comfort zone all the time, like jumping out of planes with me. I think Brett was a little bit in his shell during our time in the villa.”

Adding that she’s grown as a result of the show, although Priya is leaving single and believes the romance is dead between herself and Brett, the 23-year-old confessed that she’s happy she’s made “lifelong friends”.

Love Island returns tonight to Virgin Media One at 9pm, plus, the Love Island final is JUST around the corner, read more about that here!


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