How Ariana Grande Has Been Dragged Into The Kanye West And Pete Davidson Saga

In not so surprising news, she wants no involvement.


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At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who was hasn’t been dragged into this Ye/Kim drama. The likes of Billie Eilish, Kid Cudi, and Taylor Swift have all been collateral damage as the exes battle it out. And now we can add Ariana Grande to that list.

Ye’s biggest enemy right now is ex-wife Kim’s new beau Pete Davidson. Most of us will remember Pete and Ariana being engaged back in 2018, and when the pair broke things off, they kept things peaceful (relatively, so). But now Ye is trying to paint a very different picture of their break-up.

Ye posted stories saying that Pete had sent Ari’s ex Mac Miller explicit photos of them to prove that Ari and Pete were together and her and Mac’s relationship was truly over. The story alleged that once Ariana found out, she broke things off, which was the real reason for their split.

Ye posted screenshots of the story and captioned it, “No Comment.”

Ariana has kept relatively quiet since the drama, aside from posting a cryptic video of her sipping tea. Some think the tea video alluded to her sipping tea and watching the drama unfold. So she seems pretty unbothered at the moment.

But not everyone is keeping their heads down, as Ari’s brother Frankie Grande opened up about the drama and the rumours.

Frankie spoke to TMZ and didn’t hold back, saying, “I’ve never heard of that in my life, but listen, Kanye loves to stir the pot.

“So nothing that he says ever surprises me at all. But I wish nothing but the best to him and to his family and to Pete and to everyone involved.”

While Frankie kept things respectful, he definitely didn’t seem impressed with rumours being spread around, explaining, “My philosophy is, I’m never going to tell anyone how to live their life or what to do.

“All I can do is lead by example in my own life and say that I would never spread rumours about people or say anything or open my mouth where it doesn’t belong, and I would just hope that the rest of the world can like take my lead and go with it.”

Continuing on with, “we can’t control other people, and that’s a thing I feel like we need to learn as a society. Try to stay in your own lane but live your own life with integrity and try to inspire other people to do the same.”

So considering Frankie’s comments and Ari’s silent stance, it’s safe to say she will be staying out of the drama but isn’t impressed with the rumours and the situation in general.

Frankie also shared his feelings about Pete’s new relationship with Kim Kardashian. When asked if he thought they were together for publicity, Frankie who was with his fiancé Hale, had the best reaction.

“Honestly, Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest people on the planet. I love her with my entire heart. There are a billion reasons to date Kim Kardashian, so I think that that is silly.

“I mean, I’m gay, and I would date Kim. I’m engaged. That’s my fiance, but if Kim Kardashian said, ‘Frankie Grande, I wanna date you,’ I’d be like, ‘Sorry Hale, we’re going on a break for a bit.”‘

Words by Sláine McKenna

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