‘I’m Burned Out’ Here’s Why You Haven’t Been Seeing Much Of Emma Chamberlain

The avid YouTuber has yet to post a video online this year.


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Emma Chamberlain has been slowly but surely easing herself out of the spotlight over the past couple of months.

Taking a step back from social media, which she has admitted to consuming her life over the past four years, the now 20-year-old has admitted on a recent podcast her reasons for being so absent.

“I was like ‘I’m burned out so I’m going to take a f*cking break,'” the YouTuber told Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy.

Admitting that she’s been thinking about YouTube every day for the past couple of years, thinking of new ideas, new content and how to build her platform to the biggest it can get, Emma noted that she hit a point where she felt exhausted and done with growing her online presence.

Continuing, the star admitted that she feels like she’s been stuck in a “hamster wheel” of work, whereby she’s exploiting herself to fit in as much as she could into her days. Thus, making it very clear how burnout could arise.

“I was spreading myself too thin and giving myself no time to sit back and be like OK, who the f*ck are you?” Emma added.


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So, what has Emma been up to offline?

Well, the YouTuber admitted that in the past few months offline, she’s been trying to “refind” her identity, one she believes she’s pushed to the back in order to become the massive personality she is today.

Admitting that she now has the “free time” to think about other creative routes she can go down, Emma admitted that she’s looking at all avenues.


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As a podcaster and founder of her own coffee company Chamberlain Coffee, Emma has already found many markets that attract consumers based off her own brand, so, what could be next?

Admitting that she’s ready to look at the next step in her career during this downtime, Emma is also determined to work on her friendships, admitting that she pushed a lot of people out when she couldn’t combine work and play over the years.

Well, we’re happy to see she’s doing well and it looks as though the internet agrees, with fans writing “we’re just glad you’re doing OK!”