Is He Joking? Angus Cloud’s Bizarre Interview Has Us All Baffled

Early April Fools?


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The enigma that is Angus Cloud is back at it again. Fans are losing it over the actor’s hilarious carry on in a couple of recent interviews – and they can’t decide whether he really is that laidback and literal, or if he’s being totally mischievous and trolling his interviewers.

The first interview that sent Twitter into orbit was with InStyle, where Cloud was posed the question ‘what hill are you willing to die on?’. While fans may have been expecting a hot take or a favourite food opinion, what they got was very different, as Cloud took the question at face value, replying with an actual hill that he likes to hang out on top of…no, seriously!

‘There’s a hill by my house that I love chilling on all the time…so I’d die up there’. Ehh, we don’t think that’s what they meant!

Just the other night, Cloud dropped jaws again with an interview at the Oscars After Party where he was asked what he thought about the emotional reactions Euphoria viewers had after watching the season finale, to which the Fezco actor replied, ‘uhh…that’s what’s up’.

Probing further into the questions, the interviewer asked if Cloud might like to elaborate, to which he politely told her, ‘no thanks’. But the line that has people laughing the hardest came after a last ditch attempt to get Cloud to say what he plans to do next. Though the interviewer was clearly hoping to get some insight into his future career, Cloud simply shrugged and smiled, answering ‘sh*t, I don’t know, take some pictures and whatnot’, while gesturing to the red carpet behind him. Iconic.

So, do you think the Oakland actor knows what he’s doing, or is he simply the most chilled out man on Earth? We’ll let you decide.

Words by Aoife Codykane

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