James Kavanagh Discusses Children And Leaving Dublin For ‘Slower Pace’ In Cork

'You know I’m at that age.'


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James Kavanagh has opened up about the prospect of having children with his partner William in the future. The social media star was chatting with Georgie Crawford on her podcast, The Good Glow when the subject of kids came up.

Asking James if that was in his future plans and if people ask him if they plan on having kids, James responded saying they get asked that question a lot.

” I was always very like not into kids, I have a niece and nephew that I adore but I was always like, thats as far as I want to go.”

Continuing, he shared that his feelings on this have changed in recent years; “But I think the older I get the broodier I get, especially when all my friends around me are now having kids,  you know I’m at that age.”

In classic James Kavanagh fashion he laughed as he added; “I don’t think I’ll ever have children until I can afford a nanny or help..I might be waiting a while!”

“Because I would like to be able to still have some freedoms, so I would definitely  be in the market for a full time nanny helper person cause I want to be able to nip away here and there…so, who knows?”


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Whilst on the podcast chatting about his future plans, James also spoke about his upcoming move to Cork. William and James plan to make the move out of Dublin next summer, which may have come as a shock to some of his followers!

Recently he opened up to The Irish Mirror about why they’re making the move; “In Dublin the house prices are just insane so it makes sense to look at other parts of the country.”

“I couldn’t afford a house I’d want. Flat out, would not be able to. I want a bit of a garden, like even the things when I talk about it, it just seems like everyone should have that, like I just want a bit of a garden.

“But if you want a bit of a garden you are nearly in the millions. It is just what I want I couldn’t afford in Dublin, you can just have a better quality of life in somewhere like Cork for much cheaper.”


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Continuing, James spoke about wanting a slower pace of life; “I’m just ready for my next chapter. And my next chapter involves chickens and half an acre.”

“I’m dying for chickens. My dad got them last year and he talks to them for hours. And I love that idea.”

“So we are so excited to move to Cork, it’s just been on my mind for the past few years,” he added.

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