Jedward’s Edward Grimes Reveals He’s Met Someone He Could ‘Marry’

The singer was recently in hospital, recovering from an appendix removal.


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One half of famous Irish duo Jedward has revealed they had the ‘most insane hospital trip’ over the weekend.

Being rushed to hospital to have his appendix removed after a ‘life threatening situation’, Edward Grimes recalled the series of crazy events that have occurred over the past couple of days in hospital; from undergoing surgery to meeting someone he could see himself marrying.

Sharing the story of his time in hospital while preparing to head home, Edward called the experience the most insane time of his life.

‘The pain and laughs all mixed into hilarious chats and bonds with wonderful memories that should be tragic, but made me grow,” the 29-year-old said on his story when summing up his time in hospital.

Not giving away too much about the mysterious special someone which he encountered while he spent some time in hospital, Edward just noted that he was met by some very warm and loving faces including the ‘kindest soul’ in the bed beside him as well as a person he could potentially marry “someday”, adding in the following snap that the story would soon be continued.

For now, Edward is still on the mend, admitting that he’s feeling ’emotional AF’ but feeling the love and support from his followers. Now taking some time to get better, we’re sure Edward will be up jumping around the place in no time once again, but for now, we wish him the very best of luck with a speedy recovery.